Do you know what the single most powerful predictor of spiritual growth is?

Above any other Christian practice or discipline?


Bible engagement.

Reading your Bible.


Churches all over the country are going back to the basics and are reading the Scriptures together. These churches are experiencing higher rates of family engagement, connection, and volunteer and ministry involvement.


More importantly, however, the individuals that are engaging with the Bible at least 4x a week report:

  • Less depression
  • Fewer negative or self-destructive thoughts
  • Less bitterness
  • More positivity
  • A general feeling of encouragement
  • A greater ability to forgive


Isn’t that amazing? That’s why we are launching a Bible-reading initiative for our whole community.


For 8 weeks, starting June 1st, we are going to engage with the Bible together

. Join  us electronically via a Bible App, or go old-school with your Bible. We’ll make sure you have everything you need to get started with either option.
Download the Study Plan